The Givens Environmental Challenge

All 10 items have been chosen because they will have an immediate, large and direct impact on the environment and all can be easily done by everyone.

1. I will reduce the energy consumption of my showers through a combination of reduced time, reduced flow and reduced temperature.

2. I will put everything recyclable in the recycling bin and everything compostable in the compost bin even if it's extra effort.

3. I will only serve myself the food I will eat and will leave nothing left on my plate.

4. I will keep my cell phone for 4 years minimum. I will only charge my battery to 80 % to extend the life of the battery if my phone does not have excellent battery management.

5. I will keep my thermostat at a maximum of 21.5C (70.7F) in winter and a minimum 25C (77F) in summer. I will do this by dressing appropriately (sweater & undershirt in winter, shorts and short-sleeved shirts in summer).

6. I will take walks or runs in public outdoor places and will carry a bag with me to collect all garbage/recycling I see and dispose of it properly.

7. I will only dispose of pharmaceuticals by returning them to a pharmacy.

8. I will seal up leaks in doors and windows and insulate my house better.

9. I will place a small recycling bin in my bathroom(s) and recycle the toilet paper roll cores and I will avoid using a printer unless absolutely necessary and will always print double-sided if possible.

10. I will pass this challenge to at least 3 other people.