Download the Analyse-Plus Upgrade From V4.00 or V4.01 to V4.02

If you already own version 4.01, it may not be necessary to upgrade to version 4.02. See Fixes in Versions 4.01 & 4.02. for more info.

The files you need are organized into a single self-extracting EXE file. You will execute it and will have to rename 2 files using Explorer or My Computer. This is the short-cut method. If you are not comfortable doing this, you can optionally download the entire Version 4.02 product, uninstall version 4.00 or 4.01 (see "uninstall" in Analyse-Plus Help) and install version 4.02. Click here to install V4.02 from scratch. You will have to enter your complete personal/company info. Although the page is titled "30-day evaluation", it is the full version and will not expire in 30 days if you enter your serial number correctly during installation.
We recommend the short method shown if you continue here on this page.

Please note that this download contains all the changes for both versions 4.01 and 4.02. The download works regardless of whether you own version 4.00 or 4.01. If you have another version, you need to purchase version 4. When purchasing, you will always receive the latest version (4.02).

For support purposes, we like to know who has installed the upgrade. We will not contact you about this unless you had problems. Since we already know who you are, we only need a few particulars from you. Remember that this download will only work if you purchased Analyse-Plus V4.00 or 4.01.

Please fill-out the following form: (Don't forget to click "Submit"!)

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