Fixes in Version 4.02

Innovention Industries Inc. changed its name to Givens Control Engineering Inc.. Analyse-Plus was updated to display the new web site name (, the new support email address (, the new sales email address and the new logo.

We have not heard any reports of "bugs" from any of our customers. However, we are very intensive users of Analyse-Plus for data analysis and process control purposes in addition to being the makers of Analyse-Plus. We like to find any bugs before you do to avoid inconveniencing our customers.

Here are the bugs we have found and corrected in Version 4.02:
Two problems with the Math function "PIDOUT" were corrected. One calculated derivative action incorrectly and the other calculated wrong internal calculation constants for many of the PID forms resulting in an incorrect result. In ImportQMM, the path to QDACV.exe was not editable and sometimes the exporting by QDACV was interrupted or unfinished with large files.

Generally, if you currently own Version 4.01, we recommend you upgrade to 4.02 only if you work in the field of process control or import QMM files. If you currently own version 4.00, we strongly recommend upgrading to 4.02. To verify your version #, click on the Help menu in Analyse-Plus and click on About.

Fixes in Version 4.01

Here are the bugs we have found and corrected in Version 4.01:

Depending on how many printers are installed, Analyse-Plus could halt when you click "Connect" due to the way the logic inquired the printer information to determine if the parallel port was in use.

In the "Setup Triggering" display, if you had post-triggering selected and entered a post-trigger delay and clicked "OK", the correct delay was saved and acted upon by the Data Logger CVF2 but was displayed incorrectly if you entered this display again.

In the "Plot Data As Collected" display, the y-scale button and y-scale lock/unlock buttons only worked on the top plot.

In the "Plot Data As Collected" display, the y-axis scale of the top graph was scaled with the lower values at the top and the higher value at the bottom if you were viewing 7 input channels or 7 math channels or 9 math channels.

When installing under Windows 95, the installer tried to reboot the computer prematurely during the installation if certain DLL's were old.

Downloading & installing the fixes is fast & easy. Just click here.